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Bic Owen is British,

Bic studied at the prestigious Central Saint Martins School of Art, London, where she graduated with a BA Hons in Fashion design

She lives in Los Angeles





Bone In The Throat


Better Living Thru Chemisty

Big Sur

For Lovers Only

The Smell of Success



Twin Falls Idaho

Emmett/Furla Films

Benaroya Pictures

Night and Day Pictures

Hello and Co

BN Films/HBO

Prohibition Pictures

Occupant Films

Film Bluff

Initiate Productions

Think Film

Sony Picture Classics

Sony Picture Classics

Prod: Darren Aronofsky

Prod:Michael Benaroya

Prod:Sharon Bordas

Prod: Graham Henman

Prod: Dede Gardner

Prod: Felipe Marino

Prod: Orian Williams

Prod: Polish Brothers

Prod: Spencer Stander

Prod: Dominic Ianno

Prod: James Egan

Prod: Rena Ronson

Dir: Elliott Lester

Dir: Mark Polish

Dir: Elliott Lester

Dir: Graham Henman

Dir: Elliott Lester

Dir: Geoff Moore/David Posame

Dir: Michael Polish

Dir: Michael Polish

Dir: Michael Polish

Dir: Henry Pincus

Dir: Michael Polish

Dir: Michael Polish


Grand Hotel (Pilot)

Las Reinas (Pilot)

Gothica (Pilot)

Cutthroat (Pilot)

ABC Studios/ABC

ABC Studios/ABC

ABC Studios/ABC


Prod: UnbeliEVAble Ent

Prod: Mark Gordon

Prod: Mark Gordon

Prod: Fazekas & Butters

Dir: Ken Olin

Dir: Liz Friedlander

Dir: Anand Tucker

Dir: Bronwyn Hughes

Commercial Directors

Bennett Miller,Brian Buckley, Chris Smith, David Gray, David Shane, Eric Joiner, Frank Budgen, Guard Brothers, Graham Henman, Hank Perlman, Harold Einstein, Harald Zwart, Jesse Dylan, Jim Jenkins, Joaquin Baca-Asay, Joe Pytka, Landis Smithers, Margo Weathers, Paul Street, Noam Murro, Scott Vincent, Todd Fields, Tom Hooper.


Mirisch Agency

Beth Reiter

(310) 282 9940


ICM Partners

Hilary McQuaide

(310) 550 4000


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